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Desire, Hedonism, Temptation & Couples Resorts

Exploring boundaries at naughty Caribbean resorts

We were a little nervous. We were very excited. GoGirlfriend was invited to visit Cancun’s Desire Maya and Desire Pearl Resorts. As first-timers to any of the luxury,  couples-only, clothing-optional resorts (that’s earned a naughty reputation) we were intrigued. And from our research we’ve found that we’re not alone in our curiosity about what actually happens at these resorts.

Desire Resorts Riviera MayaWe never say no to travel but this particular trip introduced a lot more questions than most. How many boundaries will we bump into? How can we navigate through or around those boundaries as travel writers who also happen to be married to each other? How will visiting a couples-only “naughty” resort be perceived by my business partners and clients?

I’m no prude but I’ll be honest – the Desire Resorts exist outside my comfort zone.

The hotter side of the Caribbean

Courtesy of Desire Pearl Resort and Spa Riviera MayaScroll through online review sites and you’ll quickly see the Desire Resorts, couples-only (no singles), adult-only, are on the hotter side (public displays of affection and sexual play are the norm). Clothes and inhibitions are exchanged for the hedonistic pleasures of bare bods on sunny beaches, swim-up bars and playrooms where anything goes.

Unlike your local bar (that feels more like a meat market as the night wears on), the goal of these resorts is to spark intimacy and temptation between you and your companion. Let’s take a look at some of the boundaries we expect to bump into ….

Clothing optional resorts

textile freedom ... no tanlines!At GoGirlfriend, we’ve explored clothing-optional and nudist resorts in Canada, the US and the Caribbean. We’ve reported on the naturist lifestyle, from clothing-optional beaches to nudist resorts and we’re comfortable sharing information on textile-free vacations for the less inhibited in our community.

At Desire, we'll explore the clothing-optional beach, pool facilities and hot tub, but some members of our community have raised questions about being worried about inappropriate advances and groping. In all honesty, we don’t anticipate that problem. From past experience, we know that being naked does not mean a sexual free-for-all. No means no. If anything, we’ve felt safer at Courtesy of Desire Pearl Resort and Spa Riviera Mayanudist beaches than we have on some clothing-mandatory beaches.  

For those less adventurous, the clothing optional designation allows for going naked or topless – whatever you’re comfortable with – within appropriate areas. Please note, there are certain areas of the resort where full clothing is required, such as the restaurants.

Igniting the spark of passion

Courtesy of Desire Pearl Resort and Spa Riviera MayaClothing optional beaches, playrooms and theme nights are designed to arouse. Add in the erotic décor, great gourmet food and adult beverages, flirting wayward glances and the temperature’s bound to spike between you and your partner. Imagine dressing up in seductive Arabian Nights costumes and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. If you’re not flirting with each other before you arrive, you will be by the time you leave. And that’s the whole point – right … seductive intimacy?

Sensual, erotic expectations … Check!

Sin Room, Jacuzzi Lounge and The Lifestyle

Courtesy of Desire Pearl Resort and Spa Riviera MayaFrom what I've seen on review sites, we would encounter a no-holds-barred playroom with fantasy fulfillment. “The Lifestyle” this caters to is that of swinging (partner-swapping) and open, sexual activity. But again, I expect that we’ll see respect and consensual behavior – not a sexual bonanza where everyone must play.

After the evening’s themed entertainment (Theme Night examples - like Babes of Burlesque, Desire 911, & Nauti Nautical), the dance floor and Sin Room opens. Remember, this a couples-only resort and consent, communication and a willingness to explore together Courtesy of Desire Pearl Resort and Spa Riviera Mayais what matters most. Whether you chose to watch, engage or skip the Sin Room altogether, it’s meant to done with your partner.

This was an interesting boundary to bump against. But I was committed to exploring, keeping an open mind and reporting back to my GoGirlfriend community.

Exploring boundaries, enjoying Cancun

Courtesy of Desire Pearl Resort and Spa Riviera MayaMy excitement raced and my anxiety crawled around as we prepare for this trip. But I wanted to go and see what this side of naughty fun is all about. Like that first hot-air balloon ride, or zip-line, or your first … anything … you need to bump up against the boundary and decide what you really want. Is it a boundary worth keeping or one you’re ready to discard?

I like that the Desire House rules that states “NO means no” and that unwelcome advances are not acceptable. I’ve never seen that on a cruise ship or clothing-mandatory beach – and I’ve had my fair share of unwelcome advances at those places. I look forward to exploring my limits and boundaries with my partner at Desire and sharing our experiences with all of you here. One thing I know I’ll enjoy for sure – no tan lines!

To check out what Desire Resorts are all about … the naughty, the play, the awesome facilities … check out their many channels ~ Desire Facebook, Desire on Twitter, Desire on InstagramDesire promotions, Desire on Youtube, Desire Pearl on TripAdvisor … desire everywhere!

If you're teased with the idea of sensual play in a luxurious playground but love to cruise naked on the high seas, consider one of Desire's upcoming cruises:


Excited yet? Then click through the 5 other reviews of our personal experience while visiting the Desire Resorts – Pearl & Riviera Maya:

Have you stayed at or explored the Desire Resorts in Cancun – either the Pearl or the Maya Riviera? We’d love to hear your comments. Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook

To comply with the long list of regulating bodies, possibly even Geneva Conventions and in the interest of transparency, our trip to Cancun was sponsored. Commentary and perspectives are those of GoGirlfriend.

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We've been to something similar and bumped our boundaries bit by bit. Communication is the key. Never do something or be in a situation that you're truly uncomfortable with just because you think your partner wants to. Step back and discuss. And get to know yourself. There's a difference between tummy butterflies of the exciting and unknown, and really being not ok with something. No always means no - even moreso than a "regular" - and yes means OH GOD YES! ;) I'm sure you'll find a very respectful environment. Have a blast!

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