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Orient Beach - St. Martin/St. Maarten

Clothing optional paradise in the Caribbean

My friend left yesterday for her first foray into an adults-only resort. She shyly fessed up that yes, adults-only is code forNude Zone clothing-optional - no kidding. I teased her that at least she'd save money on a new bikini. She admitted that she didn't know if she could actually do a whole vacation in the altogether. You know, drop the towel in public.

I nodded but told her she'd be surprised at how easily those inhibitions roll off when you realize it's not wrong, it feels good and your mother's nowhere to be seen.

One of my favorite textile-free beaches in the Caribbean is Orient Beach on St. Martin/St. Maarten. It's a little touristy, but if you walk long enough you'll find that it has something for everyone.

Beach StrollingThe Dutch (and very conservative) north end is populated by families, but further south you'll wander through topless pockets and finally full-scale nudity in the very French area. The highest concentration of exposure is in front of Club Orient.

While clothing optional vacationing may not be your priority (it's mine when I go), Orient Beach has so much more to offer - luxurious white sandy beaches protected by snorkel-friendly reefs, beach-side grills and bars and a healthy selection of water sports.

The best fun though is getting on the beach early for a good seat to watch the spectacular sights (pun definitely intended). Orient Beach is the place to see and be seen in St. Martin/St. Maarten.

don't forget sunscreen!If you want to give naturism (the polite way to say naked) a try but you're still feeling skittish, consider visiting Baie Longue (on the other side of the island), a small, sexy expanse of white sand almost totally hidden from tourists, or Happy Beach (more north) - a secluded white sandy beach for naturists to be "happy".

Be warned that the road leading there is unpaved and the entrance to the beach is unmarked - there are no facilities or washrooms here. You're guaranteed sand and sun though - and a quiet spot can always be found.

Ever skinny dipped in daylight? Ever been to a nudist beach/resort and loved it?

Tell us about your secluded clothing optional or skinny dip locations. We'd love to expand our places to relax naked. Drop a comment below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter!


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My wife and I went to Orient Beach last year and had a great time. We have been all over the Caribbean and I consider Orient Beach to be the best! It's lively, lots of people, music, and able to feel totally free by being nude. It ought to be on everyone's Bucket List.

We just visited and were a little nervous at first. We have been to European beaches before, but not full on nudity. By the end of the day - we were both letting the sun shine where it never had seen in 'public' and we were both very excited about it. We couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and release some pent up excitement. We spent three days running back and forth - what an experience - I recommend it to all my friends - single or married. Send me an e-mail, and I can provide more details. Thanks for the opportunity to post. M

Been going to Orient beach for a number of years now. Club Orient is great. If you want to experience nude sailing and feeling like Robinson Crusoe try the TIko TIKO cruise it sails to deserted island. www.tikotikocruises.com it is a must do when there...

It's a great place! I worked there in the nude running the watersports at Club Orient for 13 years. Can't think of a better job. I now work in an office doing the website for Orient Beach. Certainly not as much fun as the real thing.

Orient beach is totally on the French side, not touched by the Dutch border to the south. All of Orient beach was and still is considered naturist under French law, as tradition counts greatly with the laws of the French Government. As far as I know the Gendarmes have not arrested anyone for strolling on the beach, just ask nudists to go back to Club O, or if they have wraps etc, to put them on. This is usually due to new Police arriving from France on temporary duty. Once they are in SXM for a while, the novilty wears off and they are not seen for weeks.. So take a stroll at anytime of the day without fear of arrest. JMHO

I didn't think the beach was all that great. sure there were lots of nude people, but most of them were old and fat and who wants to look at that. and all the full-dressed people walk over from the dutch side and gawk - its weird to say the least.

I went to St. Maarten on my honeymoon ... I had no intention of going topless... after 2 days of being pestered by my husband to try it ,,, I did it.. and I have to say I really like it. Once you get past the fact that everyone else is topless and no one is looking at you it was easy, On our second to last day we went to Orient Beach ( we stayed on the other side of the island) after laying out ,,, my husband dared me to go nude ... he said he would if I did ( I was already topless .) We agreed to go into the water and swim and take off our bottoms ... we did it ... and swam for a while ... then walked out of the water and back to our chairs.... it was such a rush of adrenaline. My husband (HAD) to cover himself as he could not contain his excitement. ha ha ! We stayed on the beach for another hour or two and then went back to our room ... it was wild !

My husband and I are going to St. Martin during July/August 2009. Can you recommend any relatively affordable accommodation to stay at? Thanks,

We're going, 31 july to 7 aug 09 staying at the old mt vernon. look up orient beach studios $630 us per week. very clean right on the north end of the beach, we stayed there 2 years ago & going back for more. Rick

We are returning to Orient Beach for the 7th time and always rent a villa through CaribbeanDays.com . They have some great deals and it's nice to have your own place with your own pool. Ends up being cheaper than a hotel and much better

We went to Orient earlier this year and plan on going back next year. It is such a relaxed atmosphere and after seeing so many nude all the time, it really was not a big deal to do it. But it was fun

I always head to a clothing optional beach in the Dominican too. Unfortunately there are not so many nude beaches in the caribbean. I'd like to find more. Feels so warm and relaxing to doff the clothes and just be me. With the start of bad winter we're having and the cheap flights to the islands, I think a trip to the south is in order ... Orient Beach you say, Hmmm. See you there??

Who would you go nudie with though? I can't imagine doing it with a friend. Doing it as a couple in front of others...well that seems awkward.

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