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Getaway to Mohonk Mountain House, New York

Taking a break from sibling rivalry

By Holly Rosen Fink, GoGirlfriend contributor

A few weeks ago, I decided to take my son away for a few days. My other child was actually at sleep away camp and since he wasn't going himself (still a bit young), I thought I'd give bring him on a trip with me. Just me. This was a first for us and I knew he'd thrive on my dedicated attention. A few days without sibling rivalry in a completely new setting would do us both good.  

Mohonk Mountain Resort, NYMohonk Mountain Resort, NYOur destination, Mohonk Mountain House in the Hudson Valley, is an all-inclusive resort in the mountains. Given my son's sensory issues and his demand for routine and structure, Mohonk had his name written over it. They prepare an agenda daily that lists activities hour by hour.

The end result? Two days of absolute delight for him; two days of absolute relaxation for me.  I've always had a secret love affair with the Hudson Valley.  I love being in the mountains and having access to everything outdoors.  My son embraced it and the experience was more meaningful than ever before.

Growing closer and taking time alone

Since there was something scheduled practically every hour that we both love to do, we were never bored. We spent our time doing what we liked to do together, hiking around the Eagle Cliff, boating in the Mohonk Preserve, swimming in the indoor heated pool (with music for underwater swim, which my son gaped at), riding a horse and carriage (at extra cost), playing in the game room and enjoying afternoon tea. Whatever we did, we did together, and we grew closer as a result.

Mohonk Resort offers relaxationMohonk Resort offers relaxationWe enjoyed a private balcony with a rocking chair and wood-burning fireplace (which we certainly didn't need in the heat but it was lovely to look at). Our room was charming, decked out in Victorian décor with antiques but my son was a bit ferklempt that there was no TV. Although some rooms had TVs, I was secretly happy we had time to read and talk to each other - two things we probably don't do enough of at home. 

When he was ready to separate and experience the Kid's Club, he was hesitant but excited. They split the kids into three groups of tykes (2-3 years old), explorers (4-6 years old) and adventurers (7-12 years old) and take them rock scrambling, boating, to the playground or do crafts and games indoors. My son loved playing disk golf, making kites and meeting the other kid staying at the resort.

finding my inner peacefinding my inner peaceWhile he was there, I made my way to the spa (I actually danced all the way there) where I indulged in a 75-minute facial. As soon as I slid my feet into a pair of slippers and my body into a plush robe, I felt the tension roll of my shoulders. After the facial, I laid flat with my feet up staring out the window. I think that moment will stay with me for a while. Whenever I get flustered or over-whelmed, I'll look back to that single moment and just breathe.

Refreshed and ready to go home

enjoying Mohonk activitiesenjoying Mohonk activitiesAfter just two days at Mohonk, we came back not only refreshed, but closer. I absolutely loved traveling with my son and Mohonk was the perfect place for it. When we talk about it, I wonder what he'll remember most.  Will it be our 1.8 mile hike (he's very specific when it comes to mileage) or will it be our horse & buggy ride in the rain? I suspect it will be our two boat rides (where I did all the work and he steered) but it could very well be his time spent at the kid's club (score for me). Or maybe it will be the delicious food (chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast or the dessert bar after dinner). I'll ask him in a few weeks and let you know.

Mohonk - what you need to know if you want to go

Mohonk is an all-inclusive resort. Rates include room charges, three meals, afternoon tea and most resort activities (it's clear which are not included) and a kid's club. 

activities to keep the kids busyactivities to keep the kids busyMohonk Mountain House is 90 miles north of New York City in the Hudson Valley and spans 2,200 acres. The property adjoins 6,400 acres of the Mohonk Preserve, which is crisscrossed by 85 miles (140 km) of hiking trails and carriage roads. It's a National Historic Landmark resort and Historic Hotel of America that has been running since 1869 when founder Albert Smiley first opened the Victorian-castle resort. 

There are nature programs for all ages including rock-climbing on the Shawangunk Mountain Range. The resort hosts its own museum in a barn (called the Barn Museum, of course) which contains an array of old tools, sleighs, carriages and other Mohonk memorabilia.

Mohonk Mountain HouseMohonk Mountain HouseThe grounds feature well-maintained gardens, a nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, 85 miles of trails for hikes, a skating pavilion, an indoor pool, stables for horseback riding, a kid's club, boating, fishing and over 40 theme programs including cooking classes, gardening workshops, music festivals, yoga and nature programs. Plus, the resort is earth-friendly, with a commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment so it was a chance to teach my son a thing or two during our adventures.

Hungry for more? Visit Mohonk online or catch up with them on Facebook or Instagram or call: 900-772-6646. To read what other travelers have to say about them, read their reviews on TripAdvisor.

Holly's trip was hosted by Mohonk Mountain House, but her opinions and thoughts are her own.

About Holly Rosen Fink

Holly Rosen Fink ~ @theCultureMomHolly Rosen Fink ~ @theCultureMomHolly Rosen Fink is a Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Branding and Social Media expert with over 15 year's experience increasing brand awareness and sales at leading publishing houses and media companies.  She is the founder of TheCultureMom.com and has been a contributor to is a current contributor to This Girl Travels, Ciao Bambino, Family Vacation Critic, The Broad Side and Women & Hollywood.

Last year she edited Come Closer: How Tourism is Shaping the Future of Nations and associate produced the off-off-Broadway hit The Best of Everything and the NYC production of Listen to Your Mother.

Catch up with Holly online:

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